Introduction to Bluegrass Ukuleles with Dr. Dennis Fisher (Level 2-3)

Most of us began our ukulele journey strumming, but fingerpicking on the ukulele opens up a whole new way of accompanying a song as well as playing solos. If you know the C, Am, F, and G7 in standard tuning, you are on your way to learning this exciting new way of playing the ukulele.

A basic understanding of how to read ukulele tablature is recommended. For those students unfamiliar with tablature, it will be included in this workshop.

In this workshop, we will teach you how to retune your uke from a 1st string A down to a G in “slack key tuning.” From there we will teach you a simple picking pattern (alternating thumb) which will help you learn your first bluegrass song, “Skip to My Lou.”