Next Step in Bluegrass Ukulele with Dr. Dennis Fisher (Level 2-3)

Learning roll patterns is a great way to become familiar with right hand technique when playing bluegrass music on the ukulele. Using the C, Am, F, and G7 in standard tuning, we will show you this lively new way of playing the ukulele.

After teaching you how to retune your uke from a 1st string A down to a G in “slack key tuning,” we will show you a simple picking pattern called the “forward reverse roll” which we will use in playing the song, “Worried Man Blues.”

A basic understanding of how to read ukulele tablature is recommended. For those students unfamiliar with tablature, it will be included in this workshop. Students can take the “Next Steps” without taking the “Intro” class. It is preferable that the student has a high “G” (fourth string). However, they can learn the techniques with a low “G” (fourth string).